Reef Background


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Reef Background

With the Reef background it is now possible for the first time to create a natural-looking background with overhangs and terraces even in a marine aquarium. Distracting impellers, shafts and cables can be easily concealed behind it. Combined with a couple of pieces of live rock you can quickly create a biologically active aquarium background. The Reef background will be quickly colonised by corals, tubeworms, sponges and coralline algae and is resistant to algae eaters such as doctor fish, snails and crustaceans. It can therefore be used both for reef tanks and fish-only tanks. As fish-only tanks are notoriously difficult to design without corals, with the Reef back-to-nature background attractive solutions have now become a possibility.

Available for aquariums from 1000 x 500-550 mm up to 2000 x 600-650 mm (length x height). Much larger aquariums can also be fitted with another Back to nature background by joining several backgrounds together.

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100 x 50 cm, 120 x 50 cm


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